The need for professional appraisal and consultation services has become increasingly important. Sell & Associates' expertise, knowledge of the market and commitment provide you, the client, with the tools required for informed decision making.

Commercial Appraisals
We provide appraisals and valuations on a wide range of property types. All reports exceed compliance with the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice or equivalent. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

Apartment Complexes
Office Buildings
Hotels, Motels, Resorts
Golf Courses
Condominimum Terminations
Mobile Home & RV Parks
Shopping Centers
Big Box Retail
Industrial Properties
Nursing Homes
Assisted Living
Acute Care Facility
Surgical Centers
Residential Subdivisions -
  Master Planned Communities
Vacant Land
Sand and Gravel Mining

Feasibility Studies
To assist clients in making prudent investment decisions, feasibility and market analysis are offered as part of Sell & Associates, Inc. full range of services. Use of this service is cost effective and convenient.

Market Studies
Real Estate Consultation
Market Rent Estimates
HUD Rent Comparability Studies

Consultation Services
Assistance with trial preparation, appraisal review and counseling, cash flow projections, due diligence studies, and lease purchase analyses.

Forensic Appraisals
Property Tax Appeals
Private Way of Necessity
Easement Valuation
Construction Defects
Detrimental Conditions
Condemnation Valuation
Expert Witness
Litigation Support
Appraisal Review and Counseling
Cash Flow Projections
Due Diligence Studies
Market Rent Estimates
Buyer/Broker Consultation
Interim Property Construction Inspection
Real Estate Appraiser
Standard of Care
Copyright Infringement
Investment Analysis
Market Analysis

Brokerage Services
We provide a wide range of real estate brokerage services. Currently we have offices in the Phoenix Metro area and in the White Mountains of Arizona.


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